Corporate Social Responsibility


Following the establishment of the Amer Charitable Foundation, Amer Group realized that the country needed a "Trust" system, which gave birth to the Egyptian Waqf.
The Group established the system in the Jersey Free Zones (United Kingdom), in collaboration with the International Bank.
It is worth mentioning that the “WAQF” or "Trust" holder has the right to invest in other projects; not related to Amer Group, since the "Trust" itself belongs to each and every Egyptian. Nevertheless, the Bank must check with the Sheikh of Al-Azhar prior to any investments, to confirm the validity/compliance of such desired investments to Sharia’a laws.

Egyptian Waqf

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Amer Charitable Foundation

Founded by Mansour Amer in 2005, the Foundation aims to achieve comprehensive development, as well as raise educational, moral, and behavioral level among Egyptians, which then reflects positively on raising the standard of living.

Mr. Amer strived to spread the idea of infusing charitable causes within Egyptian culture and the Egyptian community at large - which led to the development of numerous activities and projects, aiming to reach anyone and everyone across the country. So far, Amer Group has established 270 branches, with the number still rising.

Amer Charitable Foundation

Some of the Foundation's most important activities include:
- Teaching one million people how to read the Quran
- Financial aid for university students
- Financial aid for newlyweds/those wishing to start families
- Financial aid for patients
- Educational classes for 3rd primary; 6th primary and 3rd preparatory grades
- Mass blanket distribution for the less fortunate during the winter seasons on a yearly basis
- Assistance to beneficiaries on a monthly basis
- Cooperating with the Food Bank to provide food bags during the Holy Month of Ramadan
- Health seminars
- Computer centers
- Religious seminars

Educational Field

The Foundation offers financial aid on a monthly basis to extraordinary students living under harsh conditions, encouraging them to complete their undergraduate degrees.
In order to distinguish the students from one another, the Foundation has set up educational classes to create fair competition amongst themselves, which students will receive the financial aid upon enrollment.

Social Field

The Foundation provides assistance for the less fortunate and orphans all year round, as well as finding solutions to family problems and providing humanitarian assistance when needed.
Furthermore, small projects are established in order to help several poverty-stricken families and villages, to raise their standard of living and make them self-sufficient. Last, but not least, the Foundation holds an annual competition for the reciting and the memorizing of the Quran.

Amer American School

Amer American School

"Everyone will be Someone"

Located in the Qalyubia governorate, the free Amer American School was established to serve the children of the 40 surrounding villages, taking them from the primary stages through to the International diploma.
The school strives to build future leaders from rural areas, by providing them with world-class education, to which they did not have access before. More than 20,000 children applied for the qualifying test, and were further narrowed down to 200 students of both sexes. A five-member-committee, composed of locals and expats, chose the students based on their talents and skills.

Amer American School boasts an excellent infrastructure of expats and locally hired Egyptian teachers and manage